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Hall of Honor

Commerce ISD Hall of Honor

Recognizing former students and staff who have left a positive mark throughout their distinguished careers

Unfortunately, the CISD Hall of Honor has been canceled for 2020 and 2021. Plans are to reschedule the event for homecoming 2022.

The CISD Hall of Honor has been established to recognize former students of CHS or Norris School who have had a distinguished career and staff members who have made a significant impact on the students of CISD or Norris School.

The 12th class of inductees will be recognized during activities planned to coincide with the Fall 2022 CHS Homecoming football game. An induction ceremony and luncheon will be held for all honorees at noon Friday where each will present a short acceptance speech. The honorees will be recognized at a pep rally following the luncheon as well as prior to the football game on the track. Honorees will also be recognized as honorary captains at the coin flip prior to the game.

Make up of the selection committee

Committee members are chosen initially by the superintendent and two community members. Members of the committee remain anonymous and must have been members of the community for ten or more years. The committee will be made up of not less than four members, but no more than five. Two members will rotate off every two years and will recommend a replacement. The entire committee will vote on new members each year.

Student Qualifications
  • Nominee must be an ex-student of Commerce ISD or Norris School;
  • Nominee must be out of high school at least ten years;
  • Nominee, or family member if deceased, will be expected to attend the festivities for the day; and
  • Nominee must possess good character throughout their lives.
Staff Member Qualifications
  • Employed in Commerce ISD or Norris School for at least four years;
  • Nominee, or family member if deceased, will be expected to attend the festivities for the day; and
  • Nominee must possess good character throughout their lives.

Deadline for nominations is April 29, 2022

Nomination Process

Persons wanting to nominate someone for the Hall of Honor may do so in the following ways:

  • Download and complete a
    nomination form.
    Mail the completed form to: 
    CISD Hall of Honor 
    ATTN: Selection Committee 
    Commerce ISD 
    3315 Washington St. 
    Commerce, TX 75429
  • Request an email or mailed nomination form by calling 903 886-3755.


2010 Hall of Honor Inductees

Harry Champion
Emmett Day Sr.
June Moore Dunn
Dr. Jack Pirkey

2011 Hall of Honor Inductees

Alvis Alderman
Ann Champion
Bill Fuhrmeister
Mary Hendrix
Loretta Kibler
Janet Peek

2012 Hall of Honor Inductees

Buddy Jones
Sue Sheppard
Norris Tanton

2013 Hall of Honor Inductees

Myra Beadles
H. Dan Farell
Billie Garrett
Mary Spencer

2014 Hall of Honor Inductees

Donna Crosby
Conner John
Harriet Williams

2015 Hall of Honor Inductees

Bruce Hineman
Anne Mills
Michael Oglesby
Billy Relford

2016 Hall of Honor Inductees

Steve Lineweaver
Sharice Henry Chasi
Dr. Jerry Lytle
Neal Stewart

Induction Ceremony

2017 Hall of Honor Inductees

Chris Clark
Janet John
Dr. Mary Thomas
Charlie Wilson

Induction Ceremony

2018 Hall of Honor Inductees

Chris Elliott
Harry Turner
Scott Williams
Wyman Williams

Induction Ceremony

2019 Hall of Honor Inductees

Carolyn Burt
Kristin Barker Hames
Medley Wilson
Wade Wilson

Induction Ceremony

Hall of Honor activities were not held in 2020 or 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.