Exit questionaire

Employees should complete this survey when departing Commerce ISD. This information helps us to maintain a productive, safe and enjoyable workplace. 

Please check all factors in your decision to leave Commerce ISD.
Work environment

Outside factors

Did you leave Commerce ISD to work in another school district?
What did you choose that district? Check all that apply

How would you rate your supervisor at Commerce ISD?
Treated me fairly
Treated me with respect
Recognized effort and good work
Encouraged cooperation and teamwork
Encouraged/listened to suggestions
Responded to complaints and problems
How would you rate the following at Commerce ISD?
Communications within your campus/department
Communications within the district as a whole
Support from coworkers
Training and information provided to you
Supplies and equipment provided to you
Employee benefits
My workload was:

Would you return to work for Commerce ISD?

Would you recommend Commerce ISD to others as a good place to work?
Work location


Length of employment in the District

Please add any additional comments, such as things you liked most or liked least about the district.

Thank you for your response.