CISD opens Tuesday, February 23

Commerce ISD will return to normal school on Tuesday.  With the water pressure returning to normal in the city of Commerce, we now have full use of our restrooms.  

There are some concerns that we want to address.

  1. Washing Hands – All campuses have enough hand sanitizer for every student.  Students do not have to use the water to wash their hands.
  2. Food – Our food service department is able to ensure meals are safe for staff and students.
  3. Drinking Water – Our water fountains have been cut off all year due to COVID.  We are also expecting a large delivery of full water bottles today.  Those will be delivered to the campus.
  4. Unusual Circumstances – We cannot foresee all issues.  If your student is unable to come to school on Tuesday, please contact campus administrators who will work with you as they can.

During this difficult time, we are trying to focus on the health and safety of our students and staff.

Thank you,

Charlie Alderman

Commerce ISD